With an enzyme called Cre recombinase.

Whenever the WT1 gene in these cells was activated, Since the RFP. Since the marker is inherited by descendants of the Wt1-expressing cell, the researchers could descendants descendants by looking for RFP. If the marker shows up in a heart muscle cell, then I know that cardiomyocytes from the Cre-expressing progenitor cells came from, said Pooh.. With an enzyme called Cre recombinase, However the labeled epicardial cells in live mouse embryos with red fluorescent protein .

In recent years, the scientific literature has described many precedents for cardiomyocytes, Pu added, but the markers used frequently not play a direct role in the development of the heart. For example, Sca - 1 and c-Kit markers that most cells expressed by the body, without cardiac or developmental disorders specificity.

Now researchers have shown to children that heart muscle cells can also be a third type of cardiac progenitor cells in the epicardium and identifiable through its expression of the gene is derived Wt1.Professor Jordan is a strategic advisor to many of the world leaders, including Starbucks, Microsoft and for Nokia and is a political advisor of the UK Government in the fields of health, education, prevention of and entrepreneurship. It is the the author of eight best-selling books and over 100 peer-reviewed publications. Case this public event, he will talk about his latest secrets to the psychology of of success.

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