While pharmacists strive for an error free environment.

The research shows patient Medication ErrorsThe safe and proper use of medications is essential for getting positive results from your medicines. While pharmacists strive for an error - free environment, sometimes. - Do you know your pharmacist. Your pharmacist is your medication expert to help your partner your medicines work. Ask your pharmacist any medication out - including show you the tablets or capsules and reviewing important information about the product. The research shows Patients are more likely to to ask questions of their pharmacist - an important step to avoid errors - if they know the name of their pharmacist.

- Make sure When you leave your your recipe. When you leave your doctor's office with your recipes, make sure you can read them. If they are illegible, ask your doctor to write new. Poor handwriting is an essential factor to medication errors.Glaxo SmithKline and XenoPort announced that the in New Drug Application of Solzira Extended Release Tablets to treat of moderate to severe the primary Restless Legs syndrome has been withdrawn. To United Kingdom Food and Drug Administration has requested that the in the into a single study. In addition, GSK will be review of other review of other trial records among this input. The withdrawal is not relate the contents of Date of filing. GSK planning to by the NDA quickly again once the work is completed.

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