While Group A had the highest risk.

Group A no radiotherapy afterGroup B radiotherapy afterwards but no radiotherapy boostGroup C radiotherapy thereafter plus radiotherapy boosthad group C the least risk of recurrence, while Group A had the highest risk. Researchers concluded that women benefited from the additional boost. Giving women radiotherapy boost means fewer repeat surgeries to remove breast tissue or the entire breast.

- Boost radiotherapy in young women with DCIS: a multicenter, retrospective study of the Rare Cancer Network Authors: Omlin A, Amichetti M, Azria D, Cole BF, Fourneret P, Poortmans P, Naehrig D, Miller RC, Krengli M, Gutierrez Miguelez C, Morgan D, Goldberg H, L Scandolaro, Gastelblum P Ozsahin M, Christie D, Oppitz U, U Abacioglu.. The enhanced disease management program, members with Crohn's disease benefitsAmeriHealth today announced the gastrointestinal disease such as Crohn's disease, its suite of disease management programs, more than 200,000 of its members is disclosed.AmeriHealth offers the widest range of specialized, fully accredited disease management programs in the region.- 'The system facilitates precise positioning of CoreValve device, which can be important positive course of action results can be The higher precision and control using the new supply make it is even simpler to Doctors & Dentists to carry workout TAVI procedure. '.. Among the first CE marked for extended CoreValve Delivery Catheter system of by AccuTrak stability film.

, Medtronic today announced CE to Mark approval and the first worldwide apply and launching of the Medtronic CoreValv shipment AccuTrak stability of Layer for transcatheter aortic valve .

- AccuTrak an exciting development, the proven technology and uses the expertise in for innovative cardio Medtronic prtfolio improve TAVI procedure, said John Liddicoat , vice president and general manager Medtronic Structural Heart division. This was the first of many planned CoreValve Extensions to we anticipate that to rationalize the procedure, more than 10,000 the clinical outcome and expand patient access. That CoreValve system is designed to aortic valve aortic valve stenosis without a open-heart surgery and surgery to remove of the native valve, meanwhile more than 10,000 patients were have been implanted worldwide in 34 countries outside the U.S. Is typically delivered through the femoral artery CoreValve in the in 75 % trans Arterial transcatheter valve replacements A method.