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In the countries with a positive prostate biopsy at 2 years, a repeat biopsy annually until it annually until it was negative or there was evidence of PSA progression.. Were Of the total number of 508 patients a prostate biopsy at 2 years after implantation, and make-up of reported cohort study. Only age was 66 years and patients were classified as low, medium and high risk categorized into 43 percent, 24 percent and 33 percent. A total of 237 patients were ADT as described above.

The patients were divided into low, medium or high risk. 50cc low risk were men with prostate volume u003e treated with 3-5 months of ADT, the medium-risk and high-risk 6 months ADT with 9 months of ADT. Radiation followed consisted of 160Gy 125I for low risk disease, 124Gy 103Pd for medium risk and high risk for 100Gy 103Pd by 45 Gy external beam radiotherapy. Those with a positive seminal vesicle biopsy also received seed placement into the seminal vesicles.

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