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Kaiser Family Foundation.. Updated Posts Latest Global, country-level HIV / AIDS data; New Latin America, Mexico HIV / AIDS fact sheets available Latest global and country-level HIV / AIDS data now available on Global Health Facts. Kaiser Family Foundation: GlobalHealthFacts.org with country-level HIV / AIDS data have been updated the latest information the latest information published in the UNAIDS 2008 Report on the global AIDS epidemic. The site contains data about people with HIV / AIDS and AIDS deaths in tables, charts and color maps that can be downloaded for custom analyzes appear. Moreover GlobalHealthFacts.org 's new custom sheet tool used data data between countries. Updated regional HIV / AIDS statistics are also found on GlobalHealthReporting.org. Several Kaiser Family Foundation fact sheets are updated with the new data, and the Kaiser Family Foundation has new fact sheets on HIV / AIDS in Latin America and Mexico produced in preparation for next week XVII International AIDS Conference .

They also went on earthquake information in the U.S. Geological Survey published catalog and instead studied the seismographs. - So if you look at the events in the catalog in the catalog, you will not see this effect, said Peng. But if you the seismograph the seismograph, you will see many small events and notice that they usually occurred when arrived several surface waves. .

Peng research group includes students Chunquan Wu and Chastity Aiken Their research was supported by the National Science Foundation.. Published in the earlier study, in Geophysical Research Letters in December last year, Peng research group found that the direct surface waves of the Chilean earthquake triggered seismic activity in central California.Of the reporting is a preview a series of reports for the five countries, the the 1 st November at the International Union Against Tuberculosis and lung disorders 37th Union Nations World Conference on Lung Health in Paris to be released .. The report says world should TB of TB combat, says HIV / AIDS, review.

Reporting Details and recommendations The report finds, even though Bangladesh, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania and in Thailand who varying TB / HIV coepidemics have to, governments of all the five national to increase coordination TB and HIV / AIDS policies and programs. He also says that that stigma and discrimination to TB and HIV / AIDS prevent most individuals with a to diseases seek treatment - a theme from a lack of appropriate diagnostic tools enhanced .

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