Two sets of brain areas were particularly active in task.

Next, scan researchers subjects they spent they spent 1-2 hours a day to learn five to seven days to see an ad in the MRI scanner for the brief presence of an inverted 'T 'in a specific part of the screen. Two sets of brain areas were particularly active in task:. Part of the visual cortex, which investigated the part of the field, engage where to topics for the 'T ', and areas in the dorsal part of the brain the attention corresponded to the location on the screen.

Funding from the European Community Seventh Framework Programme, the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institutes of Health and the Third Ph. Internationalization program of the Italian Ministry for University and Research supported this research.Johanna Schanz is to in the future enter pharmaceutical company greater security and shorten the path to make new medicines. Both of researchers received to 'Human-centered Technology 'selected for their labor. 'The peculiarity of our liver model for for example , is a functioning system blood vessels,'says Dr. 'This creates a natural environment of cell. 'Conventional models have not done, Dr. Become inactive. 'be artificial blood vessels for, but use existing. Off a piece of pig intestinal 'View of the pig cells be removed, but the blood vessels are preserved. Human cells are then of this structure - this structure - hepatocytes, such in the body, are responsible for conversion and dismantling of the drugs and endothelial that forms a barrier between blood and tissue cells.