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This study suggests K. Epo before warm ischemia can recovery of renal function after ischemia better than placebo to improve or mannitol management.

Group 1 underwent 1.5h abdominal insufflation with placebo injection, group 2 underwent 1.5h abdominal insufflation with 500u/kg given Epo Group 3 laparoscopic renal artery clamping for 1 h after placebo injections; Group 4 underwent renal artery clamping after 500U / kg Epo has been given; group 5 underwent renal artery clamping after 0.25gm/kg mannitol was given. Serum analysis and 24 hours urine was collected weekly and the animals were survived 28 days.. Ect of erythropoietin on ischemic damage in the Canine KidneyORLANDO, FL - Dr. Phillips of Columbia University evaluated erythropoietin ability to protect the kidneys during warm ischemia.30 dogs a laparoscopic nephrectomy and were then placed into 5 groups is divided.- It must at least 65 years of age. And - When been deactivated below 65, and you need to who social protection to 2 years or more.

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