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This country is not the job which one-child policy, mainly on citizens in urban. Rather, government will be to more exceptions from the rule, by Shanghai - where about 22 percent of the 20 million residents is older than 60 - which which expenditure. Of China as a whole faces with a similar problem in Shanghai, which Times reports views. About 8 percent of the national population had over 65 in 2006. Display expected to triple in 2050 about 322 million people or for almost 25 percent of the population, to to United Nations. - In Friday edition of the China Daily yesterday, Xie Lingli, Director Shanghai Population and Family Planning Commission shall, was quoted as saying: 'We are in favor eligible for funding couple have two kids, because it can help older people reduce the proportion of older people and cited alleviate O labor force deficiency in the future. 'representative of the city schedule for visiting homes, powerless leaflets and provide advice and financial incentive, the New York Times reported. Current exemptions from the one-child policy are on site ethnic minorities and the rural residents that can be a second child if the first child is a girl. Family from two parents who no siblings allows always been can be to a second child and now prompted to do so (Barboza, Times.

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