They already knew from previous studies that miR-122 miR-122 in hepatocellular carcinoma.

They already knew from previous studies that miR-122 miR-122 in hepatocellular carcinoma , the most common form of liver cancer, reduces the spread of the disease related and poor survival rates.

Is an important protein for metastasisThe researchers already knew that cancer cells widely distributed throughout the body once found a malignant tumor. These cells are not always lead to a secondary cancer, it turns out, In adults, it are not the same: only some of them, known as cancer stem cells can initiate metastases. And to do so, they must settle at a spot - a niche - that is conducive to their development.The study was supported by grants from the National Institute General Medical Sciences, the National Institute of Diabetes and digestion and renal disease, the American Heart Association, at the Fondation Leducq and the Massachusetts General Hospital. Chani Najafi - Shoushtari, the MGH Cancer Center is to writer the Science article. More co-authors are Fjoralba Kristo and Toshi Shioda, and Yingxia Li and David Cohen, Brigham and Women's Hospital. That MGH claimed a patent on which concerns the usage of miR-33 microRNAs to regulate cholesterol levels.

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Of the known to mechanisms Special variants regulating SREBPs directly the expression of the expression of several genes. While of these proteins the role of cholesterol generation be ,, little is known about the role of for the removal in the removal and removal of cholesterol and other lipids. Suddenly spotted of MGH / HMS team of the existence to a family of micro RNAs - minute RNA segments control gene expression control gene expression - in non-coding segments of the SREBP genes in animals from fruit flies to humans.