The study showed that the response was affected to inhaled steroid treatment by body mass index.

A recent study of the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research identified obesity as an important factor in the control of asthma. The study showed that the response was affected to inhaled steroid treatment by body mass index , suggesting that patient indicates with asthma who weight.1 overweight are unable to benefit weight.1 losing.

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A / Prof Charlton commented that the Asthma Management Handbook, the Australian guidelines had included this recommendation in 2006.Other studies have also found obesity with reduced lung volume, the narrowing of the airways is associated.A / Prof Charlton said a key message to people is that to lose weight, the pulmonary function, exercise capacity and related conditions such as sleep apnea improve. - 'A great form of exercise for asthma patients is swimming - some of the great Olympic swimmer with asthma are living proof,'he advised.

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