The majority of people rated their lives as satisfactory or more than satisfactory.

It is therefore clear that poverty alone does not define an individual well-being and it is possible for someone to come out of poverty and remain less than satisfied with his life. Concerns a person can be life even if life, even though his income is low, as long as it moderately in other areas of life such as family, self, health, employment and economic content.. The majority of people rated their lives as satisfactory or more than satisfactory. 'poor' people who are 'poor'experienced low life satisfaction and not all people who were not considered 'bad', happy with their lives. Observed that observed that only 24 % of people rated as 'poor'of their life satisfaction as low. In addition, 18 % of people in the ' non-poor ' category also reported low life satisfaction.

For the period 2004-2006used data from an annual national survey by the University of Costa Rica for the years 2004-2006. In addition to questions about household income and dependency on household income, he added more subjective questions about satisfaction with life in general, as well as satisfaction with health, family relationships, friendship and even, and the community environment.

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