The Journal of Visualized Experiments.

Caroline Kampf, a researcher from Uppsala University in Sweden who is along the way of publishing an article in JoVE. 'I believe that we are very interested in innovative stuff.' There are many metrics to support this, including the Connectivity Scorecard report, produced in 2008 by London Business College Professor Leonard Waverman. Relating to last year's statement, Swedes are the world's foremost users of information technology, overtaking the United States and leaving Norway in third place. With new developments in it have come new developments in scientific publication, and Swedes have already been quick to capture on. JoVE, the most recent innovation in educational publishing, may be the first and just peer reviewed video journal indexed in PubMed and MEDLINE. Watching experimental procedures, instead of simply reading the text, enables researchers to understand and teach new systems faster and better.Happiness - Perspectives from the Sociable Sciences, Humanities and Creative Arts will need place at the University of Hertfordshire's de Havilland campus from 12.30-7.30pm on Wednesday 17 March 2010.

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