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Shire plc , the global specialty biopharmaceutical company, presented the results of a phase III trial, study, Vyvanse demonstrated significant improvements in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms in adults and meets all safety and efficacy endpoints. Often find it often find it difficult to concentrate and organize during the day, the fault may affect many aspects of their lives of career, family and personal responsibilities, said Lenard A. Senior researcher the study this study and director of the Adult ADHD Program Langone Medical Center Langone Medical Center, associate professor of psychiatry, neurology and child and adolescent psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine, and author of Scattered Minds. Help and hope for Adults with ADHD This study showed Vyvanse Vyvanse significantly improved ADHD symptoms in adults, including inattention, how organizing the ability to focus and complete tasks for an adult in an adult day and hyperactivity, such as restlessness and impulsivity. .

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10 - Generate against bacterial contaminationThe men have an innate defense system of against fatal bacterial. But how to the step from the gene to antibody - bacterial properties occurs in the body not known yet. Until then, B. Pseudomallei, bacterium for bioweapon, managed to evade doctors. It can be concealed in the human body over many years, without being recognized by the immune system. The bacteria could suddenly activated and spread throughout the body which patients die of sepsis. AMC doctor Joost Wiersinga and this a laboratory for experimental of Internal Medicine discover which gene is -protein combination does that fatal germs B. Pseudomallei harmless.