The data from this study will be used in the design of late-stage clinical studies.

September 2013 in Stockholm, life-saving drugs HF results will be held at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2013 28 August will be presented. 'While cardiovascular agents, such as aldosterone antagonists, proven effective in heart failure and chronic kidney by the, their use by the risk and incidence of uncontrolled elevated potassium levels, consequences consequences limits Thus the threat. 'In light of recent EMPHASIS - HF data, the third outcome trial for aldosterone antagonists that significant reduction in mortality significant reduction in mortality in patients with heart failure stops RLY5016 great promise of managing hyperkalemia and allows the use of these life-saving drugs.

During the eight-week study or spironolactone can RLY5016 adjusted doses to a dosing algorithm with the intent the maintenance of the the maintenance of the patient's serum potassium levels within a normal target area.. About RLY5016RLY5016 has developed a high capacity non-absorbed oral potassium binder for the management of hyperkalemia in patients with heart failure and chronic kidney disease. In preclinical and clinical studies RLY5016 has been shown to reduce serum potassium levels and was consistently well tolerated in multiple clinical trials in healthy volunteers and patients.

The open-label study is approximately 60 patients with heart failure and chronic kidney disease to enroll currently under treatment with one or more heart failure drugs, including angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor blockers or beta-blockers.Further investigations of mice supported which the human results of the study. High-protein diet reduce the number of calories animals consumed and increased their PYY planes. Mice a high - protein diet won with also less by weight of and produced more PYY than animals ate the usual quantity of protein, Was.

- The findings show to PYY deficiency can lead overweight and that PYY appears to mediate the beneficial effects of increased protein is content of food, said Batterham. Imperial College, London weight loss strategy is therefore to to raise the satiating power of promote weight loss promote weight loss by addition of dietary protein. Terms of of our own feeling of fullness system of.

Batterham warn, however, that major, long-term clinical trials are necessary before a particular nutritional recommended to you should be aware that such a diet would not are similar to the popular Atkins diet, which is typically high well saturated. Fat and proteins.. When the researchers those hormone-deficient mice treated to PYY, the animals are be lost by weight of.