The company is monitoring the problem carefully.

Discussion and other support are available for plan sponsors because they welcome employees back again to function. Impacted Aetna people can seek urgent or emergency treatment anywhere, as needed. Aetna is definitely monitoring the effect of the crazy fires on its network suppliers and working closely with its participating network suppliers, and can make further adjustments to its guidelines as necessary to ensure members get access to care. Aetna will adjust its policies to comply with any local also, state or federal disaster executive orders or regulations issued related to these catastrophic events. Aetna urges its users that have been evacuated to set up or update their health information in a Personal Health Record for themselves and their family members.15 MiR-122 could thus represent a host focus on for antiviral therapy. Miravirsen can sequester and therefore inhibit miR-122 .16,17 Here, we statement on the safety and activity of miravirsen in patients with chronic HCV disease. Methods Study Population Patients who had not undergone previous therapy for chronic HCV genotype 1 infection were enrolled at seven international sites. Eligible individuals were 18 to 65 years and were necessary to have compensated liver disease with a plasma HCV RNA degree of more than 75,000 IU per milliliter.