The CDC urges people to get vaccinated.

The rise in measles imports makes it doubly important to get vaccinated. W is a breakdown of reported measles cases by age:15 percent - less than twelve months, 20 percent - 1 to 4 years 19 percent - 5 to 19 years 45 percent - at least 20 years imports came from the following countries:Kenya - 1 Nigeria - 1 Pakistan - 1 Jordan - 1 France - 11 France / UK - 1* France / Italy / Spain / Germany - 1* Italy - 1 Poland - 1 Romania - 1 Spain - 1 United Kingdom - 3 Dominican Republic - 1 patient probably began it from French tourists India - 14 Indonesia - 1 Philippines - 4 Philippines / Vietnam / Singapore / Malaysia* - 1 China - 1* Infected patients traveled more as a country , and could have infected in one of these countries themselves..

Between 2001 and 2008 there were 56 cases reported every year. 118 cases in the first 19 weeks of the year is a significant increase. - Among 34 Americans comes home and 12 foreign visitors 89 percent of the 118 reported cases were connected to foreign imports. 40 of 46 cases from European and Southeast Asian nations. 89 percent of those infected have never been vaccinated against measles. 47 of measles cases had to be hospitalized, and nine had pneumonia.Study treatments are carried out with The ExAblate Brain, an investigational therapy tool InSightec is, Ltd. The unit consists of a specifically designed Tables with a helmet-like unit containing phased array focused ultrasound converters. The treatments will plans the precision the MR imaging and is then monitored with MRI Thermal Imaging which has real-time tracking of focused ultrasound delivery system. The entire process is non-invasive and do not to ionizing radiation.

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