The Bronx Oncology Living Daily.

A 'lifeline' for females with breast cancer One breast cancer survivor calls it her 'lifeline' - - the bond forged with a fellow patient through a particular program at a medical center in the Bronx. The Bronx Oncology Living Daily, or BOLD system, at Montefiore Medical Center-Einstein College of Medicine, pairs up women who've been through the difficult process of radiation and chemo with those undergoing treatment. Participants say having a 'BOLD buddy' offers an even of support and understanding that outsiders just can't match. 'Sometimes you just need somebody to just communicate with you and say, hold your hand, 'It's ok,' and speak to you on the phone,' Dolores Nelson, a breast tumor survivor and BOLD participant, told CBS News. 'Simply say, 'I'll simply listen,' and become there for them and simply instruction them through it.' Sonia Chevannes, 58, was diagnosed in 2012 with stage two breast malignancy.We are excited about the prospect of Aerie's compounds to offer multiple, improved and differentiated treatment plans for an incredible number of patients suffering from this widespread, degenerative disease.' With the funding, Dennis Henner, PhD, Managing Director at Clarus Ventures, joined Aerie's Table of Directors. Related StoriesAllergan completes acquisition of AqueSysEnvisia's ENV515 meets primary efficacy endpoint in phase 2a glaucoma trialAllergan enters into agreement to acquire Aquesys and its own XEN45 system'The more we learn about the unique, clinical benefits of AR-12286, the more enthusiastic we are regarding its prospects while an differentiated and important glaucoma treatment, both while monotherapy and in conjunction with existing glaucoma medicines,' said Dr.