Teens Swayed by Alcohol Ads: TUESDAY.

Jernigan is certainly director of the center and an associate professor of health, behavior and culture at Hopkins. 'These findings indicate that youth are, actually, consuming the same alcoholic beverages brands they are most heavily exposed to via advertising,' he said. Nevertheless, a representative of the Distilled Spirits Council, an industry group, took issue with the findings. 'According to the federal data, underage drinking reaches historic lows, yet advertising and marketing are at all-time highs. This real-world data further supports the overwhelming body of research concluding that advertising does not cause someone to begin drinking alcohol or to drink much more,' stated Lisa Hawkins, the group's vice president. 'Government research shows almost all underage drinkers - - 91.3 % - - usually do not purchase their own alcohol, but rather 'obtain' it from parents and other legal-age adults,' Hawkins added.Holders of Alkermes, Inc. Share will receive one regular share of Alkermes plc in trade for each share of Alkermes, Inc. That they very own. Additional information relating to the exchange of Alkermes, Inc. Common stock will be mailed to authorized holders of Alkermes, Inc. Common stock. Alkermes shareholders who hold shares through an agent or bank should receive information concerning the exchange or transformation of their shares from the organization holding their shares.

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