Such corporate market strategies are the need of the hour.

Such corporate market strategies are the need of the hour, since many alternative technologies posing a significant challenge to the nanobiotechnology sector. Conventional treatments, liposomes, and monoclonal antibodies are all established therapies and already have regulatory compliance and case law in place, unlike nanobiotechnology, which give them a competitive advantage.

As an emerging segment, nanobiotechnology holds great potential in the treatment of neurological diseases and cancer, which are areas of unmet medical need.Most nanobiotechnology products, the regulatory requirements are met to date cosmetics and medicated creams the absorption metal nanoparticles, in order to improve the absorption are Reformulated compounds nanobiotechnology using the nanoemulsion delivery systems have legislative power. Approval and are commercially available in February 2005, the first nanoparticulate therapeutic come to market, an important step in the development of nanobiotechnology with improving regulatory climate, market participants drawing up plans for new nanobiotechnology products market.

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