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Source Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals,Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , today announced the presentation of preclinical data demonstrate the utility of social novel radiopharmaceutical compounds for the molecular imaging of prostate and other tumors at the Society of Nuclear Medicine Annual Meeting. Data from four in in five oral sessions and a poster presentation at the conference, held June 5 to 9, 2010, in Salt Lake City . Molecular Insight also announced the receipt of SNM in 2010 Berson - Yalow Award for a preclinical study demonstrates the potential of Molecular Insight compound 99mTc - MIP-1340 to provide accurate imaging of metastatic prostate cancer. The Berson - Yalow Award originality and research that makes the most significant contributions to basic or clinical radioassay science. 'We are proud that our colleagues, out of research out of research at the highest level in our area continues This is Molecular Insight second Berson - Yalow award in four years and confirmed the way we approach our work and our science, 'said John W , Executive Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer., President of Research and Development 'Molecular Insight has established a deep pipeline of novel radio - imaging and radiotherapeutic compounds that bind to specific disease-related changes at the cellular level for a given cancer for highly targeted results. '.

- Researchers from Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals examined the biochemical and pharmacokinetic properties of several new 99mTc-labeled octreotide analogs with novel polar single amino acid chelators for molecular targeting of neuroendocrine tumors. As lead author John Marquis, Senior Scientist at Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, presentation titled presentation titled 'Evaluation of 99m Tc - MIP-1407, an octreotide analog for targeting neuroendocrine tumors ', 99mTc - MIP-1407 binds specifically reported and with high affinity to somatostatin receptor positive tumors. The novel polar SAAC chelator provides a pharmacokinetic profile that makes 99mTc - MIP-1407 attractive for clinical assessment of patients with neuroendocrine tumors. In a scientific poster presentation titled '99mTc-labeled carbonic anhydrase IX inhibitors for molecular imaging of cancer ' presented the Molecular Insight research team that new 99mTc-labeled connections involving polar SAAC derived chelators CA IX bind with high affinity and selectivity, and accumulate in HeLa tumor xenografts. CA IX is upregulated in cancer in response to hypoxia at an attractive molecular target for radiopharmaceutical development by Molecular Insight. These compounds may be used to significantly change the current paradigm for the diagnosis, staging, Treatment selection and therapy of solid tumors. In an oral presentation entitled 'Influence of functionalized chelators on affinity and pharmacokinetics of 99m Tc 3 - labeled small molecules specifically prostate - specific membrane antigen ', lead author Kevin Maresca associate Director of Chemistry at the Molecular Insight reported on the discovery of 99mTc-labeled PSMA-targeting radiopharmaceuticals. The data suggest that ligands with novel SAAC derived polar substituents high affinity, substantial prostate uptake and diminished hepatobiliary accumulation issued. These novel chelators have the identification of 99mTc-labeled radiopharmaceuticals performed with ideal characteristics for imaging prostate cancer.

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