Something must be done about this now.

Obviously, something must be done about this now, before a working pregnant doctor and her unborn child will be severely damaged.Contact: Rhona MacDonald, BMJ Careers.

About VitiGamVitiGam a first - in-class IgG-based anti - cancer immunotherapy for the treatment of stage III and IV melanoma is developed. GammaCan plans to adjust its Investigational New Drug Application for VitiGam submitted to the FDA in the near future. The Company expects to begin human clinical trials shortly thereafter. VitiGam is an IgG-based product from the plasma of donors with vitiligo, a benign skin disease made up to 2 percent of the general population. Studies have shown that this enriched IgG potent anti potent anti-melanoma activity. Based on these studies expected GammaCan VitiGam provide specific anti-melanoma activity against melanoma cells, as well as non-specific anti-cancer activity.

About MelanomaMelanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer.During the period of that the children of been hospitalized, cold Frost Child in And Chip. Given its experience, agreed Bonnie and Halsey Frost cause to support the MICROCHIP and sharing their story about how the program helping their family.

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