Skin and lungs.

Was found , the vascular-cell model in this study also used to grow abundant functional stem cells from other organs such as the brain, skin and lungs. An article detailing these findings appears in the 5th March issue of the journal Cell Stem Cell.

'.. In a true first, the study shows substances such as this novel vascular cell platform or vascular niche can self-renew adult hematopoietic stem cells for weeks, both in vitro and in vivo, by co - culturing them. On a bed of endothelial cells The researchers chose endothelial cells die immediately in close contact with blood stem cells and earlier work by Dr. Rafii endothelial cells endothelial cells produce novel stem cell - active growth factors. However, the maintenance of the endothelial cells and cumbersome if they are not fed specific substances, such as growth factors known as angiogenic factors, they die immediately.Lester M Crawfordsville is looking forward several changes by the Agency proclaim announce to create a still more efficient and a compact central organizing. - 'Well positioned This senior experienced team of health professional, still continue improve our science,'said Dr. Crawfordsville. 'We are now sure that we will safe and efficacious products reach the patients who need it, to we to clearly communicate with patients and doctors, so best best the information available make informed decisions about their health, and us still to assume new steps through our Critical Path Initiative to take the benefits of changes in medical science and health care in order to our health care system from one the treatment even addressed chronic needs and health care prevention drew near via personalized medical treatment medical care move '..

Gottlieb improve coordination medical and scientific affairs for Office of the Commissioner as a Senior Policy Advisor to which Commissar in these areas. Gottlieb is a practitioner doctor who last worked on as a resident fellow the American Enterprise Institute , a prominent Washington, DC-based thinktank and also spent time as U.S. Medicine correspondent for the British Medical Journal.

Janet Woodcock, MD is Deputy Commissioner for Operations and Chief Operating Officer on an ongoing basis in their experience have become in this position as the Acting Deputy Commissar. As COO, Dr. Woodcock is responsible for maintaining agency - large scientific and regulatory processes of , and are well as monitor specific initiatives addressed that require close cooperation in the agency medical and scientific centers of.