Sigal co-authors include postdocs Ren-Huan Xu.

This three grants three grants from the National Institutes of Health Comprehensive Cancer Center.propriation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Fox Chase Cancer Center. Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia in Philadelphia as the nation's first cancer hospital. In 1974, Fox Chase became one of the first institutions designated as a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center. Fox Chase conducts basic, clinical, population and translational research programs of cancer prevention, detection and treatment of cancer and community outreach. For more information about Fox Chase activities, visit the Center 's website at or call 1-888 - FOX CHASE..

The Los Angeles Times.: Hospital officials in California and elsewhere have faced a difficult relationship with Facebook and other forms of social networking manager, struggling to staff prevent from posting patient information on the have have no - tolerance policy developed and people employees on Facebook and similar sites at work. The restrictions are enforced as hospitals Kaiser tout such sites as a way to enhance their images and reach more patients. Intercepting privacy of patients is particularly important for hospitals, including Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Permanente Bellflower Medical Center and Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Southern California notes: confronted in recent years improperly by company medical records, recalled .

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