Side effects can vary greatly.

Everyone knows the common side effects detailed on the label of virtually every prescription medication: nausea, constipation, drowsiness, dry mouth, or allergic reactions. But sometimes, bizarre side effects can present in certain patients. Here are a few of the even more peculiar prescription drug unwanted effects that pharmacists may choose to mention to patients: Urine Color Changes Many drugs could cause changes in urine color, but specific hues are more alarming than others. Pharmacists are already aware that phenazopyridine , a common OTC analgesic for urinary system infections, can change urine orange or even red.Tykerb is among three cancer medicines that Glaxo expectations to launch next year, others are the cervical malignancy vaccine Cervarix and platelet-booster eltrombopag.

Acurian announces opted-in data source for minority patient recruitment Acurian, a innovator in clinical trial individual recruitment and retention, announced today that its opted-in patient data source is an effective reference for reaching minority populations for patient recruitment. Raising minority participation is crucial for trial achievement and regulatory approval, especially for therapies designed to treat diseases with high prevalence and incidence rates among minorities. Through our opted-in data source and e-recruitment initiatives, we have been extremely successful in reaching diverse patients regularly ethnically.