Scientists have investigated the cause of this bleeding disorder.

For years, scientists have investigated the cause of this bleeding disorder. Now a study by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine has led a molecular pathway that leads to this abnormal blood clotting and turned it off a popular class of cholesterol - lowering drugs, statins identified.

The study appears online in the 3rd January 2015 issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation. 'Statins have antithrombotic activity antithrombotic activity in several previous studies , however, However it is study is the first to elucidate how statins reduce the activation of the blood clotting process independently of their lipid-lowering activity, said senior study author Nigel. Mackman, FAHA Mackman is the John C. Parker Distinguished Professor of Hematology, Department of Medicine and director of the UNC McAllister Heart Institute. - Additionally, Mackman presented that statins 'only target'bad and inducible tissue factor ', not the good one in normal clotting used, and should not therefore with the increased risk of bleeding , which is a typical side effect of anticoagulant drugs currently on the market , to be associated.Generally when development of the brain - 'Some of cells are not the standard connections, are they to do a neural network be integrated into a neural network make,'he explains. 'It is necessary to these cells died and are removed from the brain is. Cooling the brain suppressed even the process.'.. In this study, Olney were which anesthetic isoflurane and of ketamine increased neuroapoptosis in baby mouse with normal or high temperature. But blocked neuroapoptosis hypothermic during the exposure of to the anesthesia but it also reduced the low level of neuroapoptosis which.

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