Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute.

Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute, Rockefeller University, the National Institutes of Health, Albany Medical College, Harvard Medical School, and Industrial Research Ltd in New Zealand also took part in the study.

LIAI scientist Mitchell Kronenberg, and an international team of scientists have found which Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that cause Lyme disease, a glycolipid that triggers an immune response from the body's natural killer T contains cells a subset of the white blood cells. The finding is particularly exciting because it was one of the few glycolipids natural induce an immune response from the body's NK T cells, for their ability paper titled, a fast and vigorous attack against the infection are estimated. The researchers are hopeful that this glycolipid can be used to create a vaccine against Lyme disease. - The findings were published today in the online version of of the journal Nature Immunology, in a paper titled, Natural killer T cells recognize diacylglycerol antigens from pathogenic bacteria... The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey is a national survey of non-institutionalized person in the U.S. Regularly from the National Center for Health Statistics carried out. The researchers used data out a sub-sample of the NHANES surveys from 1988-1994 and 2001-2006, adults ages 40-74 few years, as these age ranges is the primary time for initial diagnosis of cardiovascular risk factors and sickness.

Spite of the known advantages of a lifestyle physical activity, a diet contains rich at fruit and vegetables, maintenance of a healthy weight, modest alcohol consumption and do not smoke just a small proportion of the adult following the healthy living pattern, and indeed, the numbers are declining, according to an article published in the June 2009 issue of American Journal of Medicine. Lifestyle choices are at risk from the cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.