Said Stephen Edge.

The decline in malignancy mortality rates for many types of the disease--while trigger for optimism--promoted the CoC to get input on the development of a tumor survivorship standard to address quality-of-life problems for the developing ranks of tumor survivors. The integration of these new specifications at all Commission on Tumor facilities is an important stage towards addressing the needs of survivors, a human population that's growing that more folks are living with cancer today, stated Doug Ulman, LIVESTRONG president and CEO. We are proud to be part of this national effort. We commend the Commission for adoption of the new standard calling for cancer survivors to receive a comprehensive care overview and survivorship care plan upon completion of their cancer treatment, said Ellen L.Main bleeding occurred in 19 individuals who received semuloparin and in 18 who received placebo . Two fatal bleeding occasions occurred in the semuloparin group, as compared with four in the placebo group; five episodes of nonfatal bleeding in a critical organ or region were noted, all in the semuloparin group . Severe adverse events were reported in 418 patients in the semuloparin group and 403 in the placebo group . The incidence of thrombocytopenia was comparable in the semuloparin and placebo groupings: 7.1 percent and 7.6 percent , respectively.