Robert Moffit.

- Congressional Budget Office Director Peter Orszag said, We learned a lot about the growing income inequality belongs , adding: It has a lot less attention to growing disparity in life expectancy, which is really quite dramatic.. Robert Moffit, director of the Center for Health Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation, may be due to may be due to a very significant gap in health literacy between higher and lower income population increased.

According to the study, the greatest disparity the the life expectancy of white women and black men. The highest-income white women in 2000 lived an average of 81, compared with 66.9 years for black men, a 14-year difference, the study found (Pear, New York Times.. The main objectives of the consultation are to establish priorities in relation to the issues raised, the content of the core questionnaire , and the content and sequencing of modules on a rotating or occasionally contain.

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