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Zahi E. Nassoura, a specialist in vascular surgery and chief of staff in Tarzana what he saw provided in the crystal clear image of the Ziehm Vision, approved last month by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and installed last week in Tarzana.

Children of school age message outlets in several countries recently new cases of poliovirus, and into areas where the illness is endemic not reported cases of polio in Argentina, Nigeria, Uganda. Summaries will which items appear below. Argentinien: On Tuesday, the Argentinian Health Ministry a warning and marks polio prevention of Recommended by a baby with polio of San Luis Province Prensa Latina reporting has been diagnosed. The child had. A rare disease permitted the immune system and allows inserting out of polio, said Prensa Latina The WHO recommends that 95 % of infants and school-age children received immunizations order to effectively prevent. Spread disease A health workman said vaccination efforts Argentina must be increased, because some areas have just 85 % cover . This Buenos Aires Herald reports that which is the first case of polio the country for 15 years , as Prensa Latina reported that the first case in for 25 years was. To six months India has reported 18 cases of savage polio virus type 1 this year so far which is more than twice of the five cases at which same period last year have been reported reports. In total 59 cases of polio in the country have been diagnose. Recently, the Indian Expert Advisory Group, a group advises the government on on poliomyelitis, said the spread of virus was stopped when its recommendations are implemented. Six months ago, was recommended that poliomyelitis vaccine injections are given in high-risk districts of in Uttar Pradesh , but this implemented implemented, reports. A senior health ministry official said examined the Indian Council of Medical Research the effectiveness of polio vaccines . Ugandan Minister for Health stated that the government a three-day immunization campaign on Saturday in an attempt to six million children campaign under five polio and measles, which will starting to immunize New Vision report. Figures 11 billion ATS, the has about $ 5 million is from UNICEF, the WHO, Red Cross and the Government of Uganda (Magara, New Vision, funded.

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