Researchers said at the 15th ESMO World Congress in Gastrointestinal Cancer.

'Many trials reporting the effect of postoperative chemotherapy after gastrectomy for gastric cancers patients have failed to find a significant advantage in survival,' notes Dr Cervantes, who was simply not mixed up in scholarly study. 'That is a smartly designed trial.'.. Adding chemotherapy after surgical procedure for patients with advanced gastric cancers can reduce mortality risk For patients with advanced gastric malignancy, treatment with chemotherapy after medical procedures can reduce the threat of cancer related death by 34 percent over five years in comparison to surgery alone, researchers said at the 15th ESMO World Congress in Gastrointestinal Cancer.When you workout, your movement generates temperature; equipment and clothing cause friction. Until you shower off, moisture and warmth are trapped against your skin layer, creating a perfect breeding ground for the spread of bacteria. So whenever you can, shower off after exercising immediately. Acne Medications Acne Prevention Treatment - Look for a stick and program with it. Most cases of slight acne could be improved with over-the-counter products, or products that don't require a prescription from your doctor.