Researchers have worried about the environmental impact of current production methods.

Nanoparticles are usually made using synthetic chemicals. Katti the process that uses only naturally occurring elements, made available to us effects on the environment for the future. Because some of the chemicals that are currently used to make nanoparticles are toxic to humans, Katti discovery could also doors for additional medical fields open. With a 100 - % natural 'green 'process so that medical researchers could expand the use of the nanoparticles.

The new discovery has a great positive response from the scientific community, researchers from as far away as Germany, will have to discover the importance and the impact of future comments. 'Dr. Katti discovery up is the start of a new knowledge frontier, plant science, chemistry and nanotechnology interfaces, 'said Herbert W.Number of restaurants and events with man suffer to SE infections been reported in Colorado, California and Minnesota. Investigators believing that the most probable source had shell eggs.

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