Researchers have long wanted to a way to move a patients disease into the test tube.

Derive pluripotent cells from patients with the disease, the cells can make any tissue and can mean grow forever This allows us to model thousands of conditions using classical said said Daley.. Researchers have long wanted to a way to move a patient's disease into the test tube, to develop cells that are relevant to the many tissues in diseases of the blood, the brain and the could be cultivated find heart for example for example. Now we have an opportunity to do just that.

'do not you know grow like weeds and are more like orchids, 'said Daley, 'you really have to tend to them, 'he added.He offered together with other researchers, help them the the method for the diseases they want to study. -Specific-Specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells 'In-Hyun Park, Natasha Arora, Hongguang Huo, Nimet Maherali, Tim Ahfeldt, Akiko Shimamura, William Lensch, Chad Cowan, Konrad Hochedlinger and George Q. Cell advanced online edition of 7 August 2008. DOI:. 10041.

The study from the work of researchers from Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital and is out of the University of Washington, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, George Q Daley, who is based at Children's Hospital Boston.Conducted An combinations on biotechnology and medical research is the University of California, San Diego a new pave the way to pave the way for more effective treatments for liver diseases.

David Brenner, dean of the UCSD School of Medicine and co-author of paper. Over the course of 20 years, people have try three or four of matrixes trying to optimize their growth. Shu monorail mentioned this extracellular matrix array of that its Labor been using for stem, and do I thought it might an incredible opportunity to that impact of various templates to be understood in primary cell cultures. There are really at said array you receive hundreds of various combinations of proteins and you can see hundreds of cells at once, writer added. We achieved this are new insights for treatment of hepatic fibrosis, and it gives us the deck for testing new treatments. This also enables us at a critical experiments that are to do to assess the ability of different drugs to work. There really effective treatments for effective therapies for fibrosis.