PRESS RELEASE FDA’s Action to remove Trans Fat CAN HELP Prevent CORONARY DISEASE and Save American Lives Statement due to:Steven J. Stack, M.D., President, American Medical Association The American Medical Association commends the U.S. Food and Medication Administration for its decision today to remove partially hydrogenated natural oils, the primary dietary source of artificialtransfat in processed food items, from all U.S. Food products. Last year, we issued aletterin support of the FDA’s efforts to restricttransfat and also urged the FDA to consider additional guidelines to impose strict limits on the amount oftransfat in processed food items.In October with final assessment of the protection data to occur in November 2014 Data foundation lock is expected. The basic safety review undertaken to date confirms that there have been no individual withdrawals or reviews of any serious adverse events related to dosing with ATL1103 and that ATL1103 offers been assessed as generally well tolerated. The most common adverse event was injection site reactions that have been predominantly slight and typically resolved within days. There have been no flu-like symptoms, no abnormalities in renal function, and no clinically meaningful changes in other laboratory values reported as adverse events. Liver enzyme elevations were noted as adverse occasions in two individuals but aren't being regarded as clinically meaningful in these instances. The positive safety profile demonstrated to date suggests the drug could be tolerated at higher dose amounts than 400 mg per week.