Premature ejaculation Dinsmore et al BJU International Volume 99.

Topical eutectic for premature ejaculation : a novel aerosol-delivery form of lidocaine - prilocaine for treating. Premature ejaculation Dinsmore et al BJU International Volume 99, pages 369-375 .

- 'The encouraging data from this phase two study suggests that potential TEMPE, a convenient, offer novel treatment for men with premature ejaculation and is can be useful as a first-line treatment for the condition '.. 20 TEMPE users and 23 placebo users completed the study and 83 % of all users found the spray easy to use. The majority of the TEMPE users and their partners tolerated the spray also three men reported numbness in their penis , one said he was able and and one partner reported a mild burning sensation each time the spray was used, but continued with the treatment.

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Atrium Medical Corporation announced that it the 100 th Outpatient was enrolled in the iCast Atrium Registry ultrasonic Study . The Icarus trial is a prospective multicenter clinical study evaluating the safety and efficiency of the sodium iCast Balloon Expandable Covered Stent patients with occlusive disease in arteria iliaca. The first of its kind pre 'balloon - stents coated 'U.S. Study from the FDA under a allowed its Investigational Device Exemption from.