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People were asked what measures, if any, they had taken in the past year Twenty seven their mental health. Twenty seven % said they would have taken physical activity, 23 percent said they would have tried more and see their friends, 18 percent said the people had bother things that bother them and 15 percent had reduced their alcohol intake causes for ed . According to Derek Chambers, Research Officer with the National Office for Suicide Prevention ', the research shows a strong correlation between the degree of social support and reported quality of life, especially for people who have had ' mental health problems. ' 'It is very encouraging to see, ' as informed to look to look for their mental health, 'the state minister said the Department of Health and Children with responsibility for Mental Health and Disability, Dr Jimmy Devins, 'The people of Ireland seem to have a good understanding of how after her to take care of mental health. We now need to reduce stigma of mental health problems and encourage people to speak publicly and privately about their problems, so begin a wider sense of acceptance and understanding emerge emerge in our society. '.

The report of the national survey, which informed the campaign, Mental Health in Ireland: Awareness displays and settings physically healthyss and attitudes to mental health in Ireland are generally positive. A reasonable level of mental health literacy ' or the understanding of mental health problems is also reported. If as the fictitious example of a woman who shows tired experienced problems with sleeping, weight loss and feeling unusually sad or unhappy for a few weeks, 74 percent of respondents correctly identified the woman as experiencing the symptoms of depression.

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