New research reveals a neural mechanism.

However, little is known about the physiological consequences and molecular targets of long-term stress PFC is known, especially during the adolescent period when the brain is more stressors stressors, says the author of this study, Zhen Yan, of the State University of New York at Buffalo. .. by chronic stressWho has ever been subjected to chronic stress knows a toll on your a toll on your emotions thinking and the ability to think clearly. Now, new research reveals a neural mechanism, is a direct link the repeated stress with memory disorders.

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Dr. Yan and colleagues examined whether repeated exposure on glutamate receptors on glutamate receptors in young rats glutamate signaling plays a critical role in the PFC function and found that in response to repeated stress, there was a significant loss of glutamate receptors., which resulted in a deficit of PFC-mediated cognitive processes. Researchers went on the molecular mechanisms that identify connected to stress with the decrease in glutamate receptors and shown when they blocked these mechanisms, the stress -induced decrease in both glutamate receptors and recognition memory could be prevented.

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