MRIs Before Breast Cancer Surgery increasing: Study: THURSDAY.

So, the degree to which MRI affected treatment decisions isn't clear, she said. What's needed, Lehman stated, isn't only consistent suggestions on the usage of preoperative MRI, but even more research on how to use the MRI outcomes in guiding treatment. For instance, if a female with breast cancer is found to have two 'quadrants' - - or areas - - with cancers, the typical recommendation is to get a mastectomy, she said. 'If she experienced a pre-op MRI and two quadrants [were found to have cancer], it might be feasible to have two little lumpectomies,' Lehman explained.3d sonogram should not be done through the first 8 weeks of the pregnancy unless the physician asks you to. During the initial 8 weeks, the fetus does not show any movement as such and lies still in a partly developed body. Once the first couple of weeks have elapsed, the fetus develops power and body functions. This will be the earliest when you can notice the movements created by the baby. However, you might have to hold back for another full month or so before you start noticing any major movement.