Los Angeles Times: Meanwhile.

Los Angeles Times: Meanwhile, [i] n other commandment, states to implement the new health care law, the Obama administration asked Friday a new competitive funding program that will give five states money to develop Internet-based insurance exchanges. Government officials said they hope the winning conditions occur with systems that could serve as models for other states. To The grants follow awards of $ 1 million to 48 states and the District of Columbia to help set up the online market places - Minnesota and Alaska refused the money (Levey.

Also, Under the new requirements of the federal health care reform legislation, group health group health obliged its members at the beginning of their next plan year, in an in an ancestral health care plan or not notified, reported the News-Gazette. that is because grandfathered plans exempt from many of the changes that rolled under the Affordable Care Act, and whether your plan is grandfathered is not only affect your coverage, but how much you pay for it. Under the new law, health policy before 23 is acquired 2013, is grandfathered, but group plans ancestral retain their ancestral status to determine in terms of how much to change to change benefits or increase spending on their members (Pressey.

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