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In the event that disaster hits, you wish to have all of these materials situated in an easy-to-remember area jointly, Dr. Pinsker stated. When confronted with disaster, control those elements that are within your grasp. To download a copy of the Power of Prevention: Diabetes Disaster Plan, visit Supply American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.. ACE, Lilly Diabetes create Diabetes Disaster Plan In the first hours of Saturday, February 27th, an 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit Chile, leaving 1 eventually.5 million displaced from their homes.m. That same morning, Hawaiians awoke to the news that a tsunami was barreling towards them and evacuation was necessary.However, most uninsured young adults do not have usage of affordable private insurance coverage through their parents' plans. Extending Medicaid and SCHIP insurance coverage beyond age 18 has the potential to produce a true difference in the lives of young adults and their own families. In addition, the authors claim that states may help extend protection by ensuring that universites and colleges require health insurance coverage and offer insurance to their full-time and part-time learners. This option may help cover the 1.6 million full-period and part-time uninsured college students ages 19 to 23.. ARNMD meeting examines psychological and neurological aspects of PTSDs and traumatic mind injuries War is hell, while the old saying moves - - with lack of life and limb, destruction of infrastructure and the environment, and devastating costs.