LeukemiaAbout 900 people in Sweden are diagnosed with leukemia every year.

The leukemia cells often invade the liver, spleen and lymph nodes a a significant immune response. Significant advances in research in leukemia has to remain in recent decades, both in terms of treatment and classification, but the basic processes partially unknown.. LeukemiaAbout 900 people in Sweden are diagnosed with leukemia every year. Leukemias are blood disorders that contribute to the formation of large amounts of white blood cells.

This protein causes cells proliferate faster again. Surprising discovery surprising discovery that there is a behind behind the development of cancer, which suggests not yet been recognized it the way for new methods of fighting blood cancer cells with NF1 mutations, says Professor Martin Berg? Research the at the Wallenberg Laboratory at the Sahlgrenska Academy. Protein. Genes code for the RAS protein, which is a known accelerator for the cell proliferation in several types of cancer. The other gene encodes a protein, such as NF1 known, which is well known to reduce the activity of the RAS protein.. The two genes frequently mutated in acute leukemias, but the mutations rarely occur.Since the A / B MAC contractor will NGS will be instantly beginning implementation of activities and assume full responsibility for to claim the processing to two-state take jurisdiction no later November 2008.

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