Led by Richard K.

Stuart Wolf Jr. , MD, FACS, chairman of the AUA's Practice Recommendations Committee. 'By collaborating and cooperating, we have constructed on the strengths of both specialties to boost patient care.'.. AUA and ASTRO launch new guideline on adjuvant and salvage radiotherapy after prostatectomy The American Culture for Radiation Oncology and the American Urological Association are pleased to announce the publication of the joint guideline on radiation therapy after prostatectomy for patients with and without evidence of prostate cancer recurrence. The 81-page record represents a rigorous collaboration among experts in the radiation urology and oncology areas, led by Richard K.Everolimus, developed by Novartis Pharma AG, is normally a proliferation transmission inhibitor, or mTOR inhibitor, certified to Abbott by Novartis for use on its drug eluting stents. Everolimus offers been shown to inhibit in-stent neointimal growth in the coronary vessels following stent implantation, due to its anti-proliferative properties. More information about XIENCE V, including important effectiveness and safety information, is available at www online.xiencev.com. About Abbott Vascular Abbott Vascular, a division of Abbott, is among the world's leading vascular care businesses. Abbott Vascular is usually uniquely centered on advancing the treating vascular disease and enhancing patient treatment by combining the most recent medical device innovations with world-class pharmaceuticals, buying development and research, and advancing medication through education and schooling.