Leading to random patches called lesions or plaques.

Secondary relapsing-remitting MS - This describes about 60-65 percent of the people experiencing MS who began with relapsing-remitting MS and then relapses diminish in regularity or cease completely who after that begin to possess progressive neurologic decline. The median time between disease onset and conversion from relapsing-remitting to secondary progressive MS is 15-19 years. Relapsing progressive MS - This is the least common subtype influencing about 5 percent of people from the outset, with clear relapses steady and occurring neurological decline.However, the sponsor made the decision, before unblinding, to maintain the interim analysis and the adaptive character of the trial so that recruitment could continue if sample-size reassessment became required . Consequently, the prespecified week 24 evaluation was maintained, and result data were collected for all regimens. The superiority of the determined regimen versus placebo was tested with the use of the closed testing procedure and combination tests for all intersection hypotheses, with application of the Simes adjustment24,27 .