Joseph Schoepf.

Understanding the system behind the racial disparities we found may improve the prevention, risk stratification and management of CAD, Dr. Schoepf said.. African-American individuals with CAD have low thoracic fat volume than Caucasians While obesity is known as a cardiovascular risk element, a study presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of THE UNITED STATES showed that African-American sufferers with coronary artery disease have significantly less body fat around their hearts in comparison to Caucasian individuals. Prior evidence shows that increased extra fat around the heart could be either an independent marker of CAD burden or a predictor of the future threat of acute coronary occasions, said U.With additional products currently in development, this is the first of many important measures towards our goal to become a leading specialty pharmaceutical firm,' said Richard Rosenblum, President and Director of Alliqua. Alliqua intends to keep to aggressively pursue a generic version of an existing pain management patch for the treating postherpetic neuralgia . PHN is associated with shingles, which is a increasing medical issue in the United States and around the world as countries continue to struggle with progressively elderly populations. Management estimates that the full total U.S.