Its Period for Your Flu Shot: MONDAY.

In a typical flu season, flu complications - - including pneumonia - - send more than 200,000 people to a healthcare facility. Death rates associated with flu vary from year-to-year, but have eliminated as high as 49,000 deaths in a complete year, the CDC says. Pregnant women are in increased risk from the flu also, Grohskopf warned. And it's vital that women with newborns get their flu shot to help protect their infants who can not be vaccinated until they are at least 6 months old, she said. How effective the vaccine is in avoiding the flu depends upon how great a match it is to the strains of flu virus circulating that season. Most years, the vaccine is usually between 40 to 60 % effective, according to the CDC.This study had an adaptive design with conditional power calculation and prospect of reestimation of the sample size, if necessary, after the interim analysis that was planned to be performed after 70 percent of the patients were enrolled.25 The numbers and %ages of patients within each analysis population were summarized according to treatment group. The primary efficacy analysis of the rate of the composite end point of loss of life from any cause, myocardial infarction, ischemia-motivated revascularization, or stent thrombosis in the 48 hours after randomization was carried out in the modified intention-to-treat population.