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Instead the charge to increase general revenue, she says.With the abolition of fees in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland lodged a strong argument for keeping - namely, that people act the cost of medicines, and recalls as a deterrent to overuse prescription services - sounds hollow, says DTB. - Why people in England only need such a reminder is far from clear, it says.

- Having destroyed the arguments of the retention of the prescription charge in England DTB concludes: [ It] is a poorly conceived, manifestly unfair tax competition, that shamed the NHS and the Department of Health must go.. If the cargo supported argue that many people are exempt. But these exceptions totally illogical, says DTB. And they are so confusing that even the NHS Prescription Services is setting up an online quiz for medical professionals their knowledge of who they are and should not try to recharge. The other concern is for the retention of the charge its abolition its abolition could patients who demand prompt drugs of dubious value.6, Hospitals rank for cost, quality High lower Great Lakes States, study finds.

The average cost of a Michigan hospitalized eighth compared with the national average of $ 8,580;.

The quality of care Michigan hospital place before the Great Lakes state and domestic Averages cardiac infarction, heart failure, lung infection and prevention surgical infections, to Free Press report. A free service from of The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.