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In this study, conducted in Canada, the scientists observed infected 7 monkeys with a reconstructed version of the 1918 flu virus and disease progression. Somehow showed symptoms of infection within 24 hours of exposure.

The disease has progressed quickly and within 8 days after exposure, the monkeys had such acute respiratory distress that she had to be euthanized.The 1918 virus preserved of genes from tissue samples, which were from the 1918 pandemic had reconstructed. The scientists also found that the monkeys ' normal antiviral response does not protect against infection, it seemed that the virus itself had the antiviral part of the Apes switched immune system and this lack of protection contributed to the rapid and fatal course of the disease.The brunt of the current outbreak takes in Northern India. Two of the premier grandchildren, and a son-in-law are in hospital by dengue fever - type symptoms registered in New Delhi. The first tests are she enter done on who dengue. A spokesman of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences said that the three patient are stable . New Delhi has reported 70 new cases dengue fever, bringing the total cases in the city.

Both All India below, from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

Progress towards theer still widely IndiaSo far, the agencies of India demand spread dengue an outbreak of, non an epidemic of. The land health Prime, Anubani Ramadoss , today announced it to 38 reported deaths as much. Because the number of people infected swells that the hospital to deal with it. Official figures set which number of people infected at the 2nd.