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In the first study, Fiscella and Holt find that racial disparities in blood pressure control contribute to nearly 8,000 preventable deaths from heart disease and stroke among blacks every year. In what is thought to be the first study to quantify the toll of racial differences in blood pressure control, the nationally representative data nationally representative data on 2,770 black and white adults , as well as meta-analyzes of observational studies and treatment trials for systolic blood pressure. They found that the average systolic blood pressure among blacks with high blood pressure about 7 mm Hg was higher than that for whites with hypertension medicinsk artikel . Furthermore, they found, They foundreduction in average systolic blood pressure among hypertensive blacks, that would be of hypertensive whites to reduce the annual number of black deaths from heart disease and stroke by 5590 , by second They suggest that primary care clinicians should be especially careful when managing hypertension in black patients and on patient on patient compliance barriers.

Annals of Family Medicine - November / December 2008the Annals of Family Medicine, a new peer-reviewed scientific journal is to meet the needs of scientists, practitioners, decision makers and the patients and communities they serve. The Annals of Family Medicine is dedicated to the skills for understanding and improving health and primary care. The Annals supports a learning community of those who generate and use information about health and generalist health care.

In the subset of patients who had been a serum phosphor above the normal range , the mean the baseline serum phosphorus 7.1) mg / dl, and at the end therapy with Zerenex of the mean serum phosphorous was 5.6) mg / dL.