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In the classroom, Ms. Bailer focuses on hands-on activities such as the use of stream tables in order to teach students about erosion and deposition in rivers , analyze animal bones and using models to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth. She was Southwest District Teacher of the Year 2002 and a finalist for Teacher of the Year of the Houston Independent School District in the same year.. Jill Bailer - Middle School WinnerMiddle school teacher honoree Jill Bailer is a seventh-grade science teacher and the school science department chair.

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TMA Physicians Award Science Teachers Who Give encourage students Medicineexcellent the Texas Medical Association was three Texas teachers the 2008 TMA Ernest and Sarah Butler Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching.Bradley New from Lubbock High School in Lubbock, Jill Bailer from Jane Long Middle School in Houston and Michelle Yates, the earlier are at Bess Race Elementary School in Crowley, this year's high school, middle school and elementary school winners in the competition.. In total, 199 PM2.5 measurements of, 30 of them in the lobbies of the main hospital entrances, 29 in emergency room waiting rooms, 22 in medical inpatient units, 27 in cafeterias, 22 on fire escape stairways, 22 in general surgery hospital units and 39 in other places.- The study the Team authors concluded that a low carbohydrate, high protein diet is used on a regular bases and excluding the type of carbohydrate and to the source of protein are associated with increased cardiovascular risks. It is important to note that this research could not find increasing disease risk claims if the protein source provides from nuts, seeds or vegetable been derived. The study confirms the importance of diet of natural food from organic cultivation includes with an scale toward in gradual release carbs fruits and vegetables and modest uptake of proteins the form of nuts and seeds, to reducing cardiovascular disorder risk of..

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