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They are able to also take their guidance for repairing the device and do it all by themselves. The videos and articles on the web about the Treadmill Fix Service also contain adequate information with which can try the whole process without taking the help of some expert.. A complete idea about Home treadmill Repair Service A person might repair treadmill Parts all by himself, which will be relatively simple and less costly than taking the ongoing service of a professional specialized in repairing treadmills. In the recent years people has become large amount of health conscious and usage of fitness equipments is becoming very popular among the people.At the 12-month follow-up, a significantly higher %age of patients in the intervention group than in the control group had values on all three medical risk factors that were either below suggestions or showed clinically significant improvement. Patients in the intervention group had greater improvement in standard of living also, were more satisfied with the care that they received for major depression and for diabetes, cardiovascular system disease, or both, and were more likely to have a decrease of 1.0 percent or greater in the glycated hemoglobin level from baseline and a decrease of 10 mm Hg or greater in systolic blood circulation pressure .