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For more information, see also.About Applied DataApplied Data Research is a healthcare therapeutics consulting on on medical market strategies, product commercialization, venture development, and market research. We assist medical market participants in achieving their business objectives through the creation of detailed business development strategies, product commercialization programs , and comprehensive market and technology research and analysis.

Neuroprotective Therapeutics These developments in a new in a new and comprehensive report. The report analyzes the current generation of neuroprotective candidates and their probable impact on treatment options and the competitive landscape.

Who: - Dr. James Kiley, director of the Division Lung Diseases, National Heart, and Blood Institute COPD: Overview and Learn More, Breathe Better campaign - Dr. Patricia Cassano, Associate Professor, Nutritional Epidemiology, Cornell University Epidemiology of COPD: Established and Novel Risk Factors - Dr. Ronald Crystal, chairman, Genetic Medicine and Chief, Pulmonary / Critical Care Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell New Paths of Discovery: Research genetic biomarkers of COPDWhen:Wednesday, October 2007 breakfast: 09.00 Briefing: 9.30 COPD screening events: 11.30Where:NewYork-Presbyterian hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center Weill Greenberg Conference Center 1305 York Avenue , 2nd Floorquestions about the role of air pollutants in COPD and why early diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases, heart disease are lagging? if 9/11 plays a role in why more women than men die, like COPD differs from asthma?.- Wear sturdy shoes compared against danger such as broken glass. - Use care when will be unfamiliar equipment. - Wear a hat, particularly when you work with material overhead costs. - Wear disposable gloves order to avoid skin contact and irritation. - Do not tape Sleeveless or pants of wrists or ankles. - Do not remove as dust and fibers particles consist workwear before leaving work. Use caution materials materials containing asbestos asbestos materials asbestos containing materials of material Apply appropriate personal protection equipment..

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